About Rick Burd

Rick’s early career reads like a classic Hollywood story. He was bussing tables when his first script landed him a staff position with Garry Marshall on HAPPY DAYS and the ODD COUPLE. His first comedy audition led to two side-splitting appearances on THE GONG SHOW singing Me And My Shadow; where he garnered the coveted 30 points.

His first standup routines however, were not as successful; maybe because they were lies - He wasn't trying to date girls. If anything, when everyone loved Lucy, Rick loved Desi. So, instead of coming out, he went in. . . to the singing telegram business in New York City.

It was there in 1985 - at the height of AIDS phobia- Rick felt he had to go back out on the stage as a gay comic booking himself with gay groups and colleges.

This led him to write the first version of Telegram! Telegram! as a comedy with song parodies. Since, Rick has written the real story, the real drama of those days.